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Bug 174897 - powerdevil causes X server to hog cpu   checkbox "Let powerdevil manage screen powersaving" in the general tab. By unchecking it, Powerdevil will bypass dynamic DPMS changes, and you will not experience this kind of problem. Unfortunately there is no other solution, since the problem lies at a very lower level. After working with someone on this issue a user found out that he had two APPs doing system monitoring on his box. Simply shutting one of these down resloved his issue. He shut down the powerdevil CPU monitor widget since it was mentioned in the bug report.  He kept System Monitor. System Monitor is a widget that does the same monitoring as powerdevil.
Review of Stylebot

Occasionally you come across something that is just phenomenal. Plus also needed, because the world does not all think in the same way when it comes to making websites.  Plus it was the right thing to do.  Granted, it wont create mind blowing  accessibility for everyone on the Internet.  But it's a start in the right direction.  The name of this phenomenal is "stylebot".  It's creator is Ankit Ahuja.  Ankit Ahuja was mentored by Rachel Shearer in this years Google Summer of Code project for Chromium.  Ankit Ahuja created a new extension for Chrome that enables users to easily customize a websites appearance.  For many users this will benefit them when viewing websites that pages are less than perfect if you are sight impaired. For others you will still have to use jaws, or one of the many other text to speech software on the market because this tool is not perfect for everyone.   It's not perfect because it's creator forgot that stylebot may too be a issue to view, to be able to change out colors, and text sizes on pages. 

If you are sight impaired pages are a problem, but so are the many tools/apps you use.  On behalf of stylebot's creator, I am hoping this is just a oversight.  (No pun intended.) Not knowing what is involved in such a undertaking... perhaps he may consider down the road this needed new feature?  Being able to change the text color, background, and size of stylebot would be a great addition to this nice tool. The blue, and gray text looks nice, but does nothing for the tool if you are having problems seeing it.  Other than this one flaw, this tool is worthy of a look at, and a keeper for those that don't have this issue. 

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Setting a Good Example Online

Years ago when I first came on line.  You heard more about computer users being yelled at, trolled, ignored, cussed out, and very much abused on forum and group boards for not asking a question in the right manner.  I have notice that trend on many boards, and groups has been changing.  There is not as much so called "old school" as there use to be. In the beginning of the year of 2000. You learned which boards you had to post to a certain way, and you did not dare stray from their way of posting.  Or else, they would cut you up, and have you for dinner.  Then throw your left overs out for the rest of the pack to have a go at it.  They were a ruthless bunch.  Called "old school".  It was OK to ask a question.  "But I am watching you.  You better post it right or else!"  For some.  It was like a game, or time of passage.  As soon as someone posted wrong.  Out came old school to tear them a new hole.   Some forums, boards, and groups were ruthless.  Many people did not dare post to these type boards.  They chose instead just to read the post, and move on to the next board.  Then in 2001, a change started to take hold. Overnight new boards, forums, and groups emerged.   With a new set of rules.  As long as you did a search first, and put as much info in as possible in your post when you asked a question, or that you knew,  they would help you.  Yes a few were still ruthless.  But many on these new boards started to tell old school to back off.  They realized old school was running off potential customers.  So some complained, and after much consideration, they changed.  I decided my group at Yahoo, was going to be one of these new boards.  We were one of the first that did not care about how a question was asked.  I did not want any one yelled at, or abused in that matter.  Granted it was hard at times.  Because I had old school and new school on my group.  But we prevailed.  We won the hearts over.  We Showed everyone by setting a good example.  We did not stop there either.  The next example we set for our users to follow was the fact that on our group the user was expected to keep their computer secure as much as they could.   For many, they were not even doing this.  They may have a firewall, but many had no anti-virus software.  Some had neither.  We set up guidelines for the users to follow, thus a rule was born, and they pretty much followed our lead to keep their computer secure at all times.  Yes we have had a few failures.  But for the most part our computer users tackled computer security with as much robust that they could muster.  We were also the first to do this, as far as I know were were.  When many of the computer groups on Yahoo were spreading viruses, our group was humming along as though it was just another day.  Yes a few managed to pick up a virus or a worm here or there.  But what ever was hitting Yahoo Groups at the time did not grind our group to a halt. It never has. We follow these same rules today.  Have no need to change them.   Honestly I don't see how a computer group can function without setting up some basic security guidelines for the members to follow.   If everyone did this, I believe the Internet would be a better place.  Tell them they have to do their part to help keep the Internet secure, by keeping their computer secure.  Make it a rule. After all...  The Internet has both businesses, and consumers on it together. From all walks of life.  Not just consumers. Not just businesses.  The time has come too demand secure computers.  Would you please make this a common rule on your group, forum, or board? Please set a good example.

1. Invalid Page Fault.This occurs when the operating system (Windows) fails to actuallyaccess information (data) that was requested by one of yourprograms. solve? Close the offending application that caused the error.2. Fatal Exception Error.This happens when a program or the system itself tries to workwith sickly data, such as a corrupt file. Files get corrupted ifall the ducks aren't lined up just so. Everything has to beabsolutely precise, or wham! Fatal Exception. Nobody was hurt,were they? I hope not!Remedy: Close the offending application. Sometimes it's Windows.3. General Protection Fault (GPF).Your computer has to have enough resources to support everythinggoing on inside. If it runs low, or resources leak into space,you may see a GPF. This may also happen if two applications tryto use the same memory location, like two cars attempting thesame parking place.Remedy: Again close the offending application.4. Runtime Error.These occur while applications are running. The only way to curethem is to restart the application.

Every day Many of the website businesses are working hard to screw you over.  Every day board meetings abound asking the all mighty important question of... "What will our users do if we expose their private data online?"  As soon as they say "yes lets do it!"  Advocates everywhere come out of the Internet abyss to cry foul after the trifle deed is carried out.  The users do the normal thing.  They rant, scream, cuss, rage, threaten, and troll the boards, comment sections, blogs, and email every Tom, Dick, and Sally they know about the situation, and what their readers need to do about it.  Then as soon as the advocates think they have the users "on their side" so to speak.  The users do a complete about face, and do nothing to stop the abuse of their data.  They just clean up the mess, and carry on.Their show looked good, until it came down to doing the right thing of showing Internet business just who was boss.   Maybe their rants looked good in text form on the many websites that have in the past picked up the topics on privacy discussion issues?  Maybe they wanted to "look good".  But when push came to shove, they did nothing.  Just a few thousand or so maybe more or less took action.  Then members took a rebound of even more users joining the social network.  Membership is up. Which has grown from a little over 400 million to the 500 million mark.  It was like they told the website... "There, there, everything is ok.  I forgive you for exposing my personal life to the whole world." Even though the fix was not given by the website staff, but by third party advocates trying their best to turn a wrong, into a right.  Helping the thousands, millions of social members to hide their private data from the masses.   The fixes came in a rush in just a few hours after the breech.  (I thank each and everyone one of you for providing the fix/tutorials.) But what does this say about the members?  Well... They either don't give a damn, or they have piss for brains.  Maybe both.  Whatever the case, the social site is stronger than ever.  It's like the breech of their data didn't faze them.  Maybe they have gotten use to all of these breeches?  There have been quite a few.  Many have made it to their snail mail addressed directly to them.  Laptops lost, or stolen, CDs misplaced, or stolen.  Databases hacked.  But this social network had none of this happen to them.  They deliberately opened up their user profiles for the whole world to see.   It could be as some suggested that they could not leave because they could not entice their family, friends, and business associates to follow them to another social website.  What ever the case you better believe that the social network studied, dissected, examined, tore apart every conceivable outcome that their users could of done to fight back after they exposed their profiles.  They knew they had their users in their pocket.  They knew, or had ball park figures of what the damage would, or could be.  They knew their social database consisted of a lot of loyal members, that would not leave because they could not get their friends to move also.  I bet they talked for months before they pulled their stunt.  They knew because users have not taken a stand against any website that breeched their privacy.  There never has been a mass exit of users from any type of website online after a major breech of privacy.   Not anything substantial enough to cause damage to the Internet business itself that caused the breech.Years, months, days from now if you’re on the Internet and your privacy is breeched by an online website once again.  You may get help.  But again... You may not get any help.  Because everyone knows that you can only cry wolf for so long.  Even the advocates grow tired of you.  They all think you don't care.  "Big Deal!"  "So what if my personal life is on the Internet."  It is only years later that you realize that one breech cost you dearly.  Because somewhere on the Internet is an archive of YOUR stupidity, YOUR drunken state, YOUR rant, in video, picture, text, or audio.   The upcoming new boss, or even a local place of membership...  wont stand idle and allow you to work for them, or be a member with them... because of your stupidity stunt that should of stayed private that they just happen to find on the Internet. So the next time someone pulls a stunt with your personal information.  Maybe you need to think twice before ignoring it.  Show them you ARE boss.  Unless you do, there will be more board meetings asking that important question of "what will the users do if we expose their personal data?" And it may not be a posh social website this time that spreads your personal information all over the Internet. It will happen because websites watch websites for trends, and outcomes. They watch and they learn.  Eventually they implement the same thing, or similar on their own websites. The question is "what have you learned? Have you learned anything?  Or do you still have piss for brains, and don't care? Will you let the next one do as they please with your private data?  Or will you take a stand, and fight back?  It's up to you.  You can make, or brake our privacy rights. Do nothing... Then you are really screwed.  Take a stand, and the Internet learns you will no longer take their sorry poor excuses.  Next time fight back by clicking on that un-subscribe button or link.  I don't want to hear a peep out of you until you have.  I am sick of the rants, screams, cussing, rages, threatening, and trolling of the boards.I know some of you will say they got what they deserved they never should of put their private info on the web in the first place.  But let’s be reasonable.  Today’s Internet is not the same as it was in the 90's even.  Today it is all about "sociability".

The bottom line is they let themselves down, they let the IT community down as well. What a shame.


Test Your Facebook Privacy Settings

When your privacy went south at Facebook many cried foul.  They had every right to cry foul.  But now you have a tool to make sure that your Facebook account is private, and as secure as it can be. 

Some people would turn their back on a online membership for wallpapers, or any type website asking for a membership fee.  I know I have many times.  A lot of those times it was on websites that I frequent often.  One such website I visit is called "Digital Blasphemy" owned and operated by Ryan Bliss. This website has been online since 1998, and member supported sense 1999. The owner Ryan Bliss is a self-taught computer artist.

I decided to take the plunge and do a trial version of his website.  The trial setup was easy, I had no headaches from the experience. I give him kudos points for having a $15.00 membership for 90 days.   In today's economy there is nothing that will stop you short of trying something out like a website that wants you to pay 50 bucks for thirty to sixty days for a  trial membership.  My only gripe about Ryan's website is his trialpay affiliation.   This is where you get 90 days free at Digital Blasphemy by signing up for (not so free offers to other companies)  In case you  are wondering you are better off paying the 15 bucks for the trial at Digital Blasphemy instead of going for those offers at   

Now on to  Digital Blasphemy's perks, and that all wanting to know question of... "Just what is Digital Blasphemy?" Digital Blasphemy is a 3d wallpaper site, and not just your average wallpaper either.  Digital Blasphemy has wallpapers for everything including your mobile phone, iphone, pocket pc, and psp. They have widescreen, dual screen, triple screen. They also have split screen for those with the dual monitors who want to carry the same eye candy from one monitor to the next.   They have just about any type resolution you could think of. On the website is 20 free wallpapers available for download by none members, and over 650 available for members and always growing.

The major feel of the wallpapers are "night scenery" "planet scapes" "interiors" "day scenery" and "abstracts"   But they do have  "holidays", and a area called the "pickle-jar", plus they have a small collection of  animations.  The wallpapers are just breath taking.  Some have a sci-fi feel to them also. In case you are wondering what the pickle-jar is... The Pickle Jar contains variations on the images featured in the gallery. The image Ryan is happiest with goes in the gallery and the extras go into the Pickle Jar. How's that for cool?  I did lots of snooping around Ryans website and found myself in the pickle-jar looking at images that were night versions, or day versions, different color themes, or Evolutionary Variations. Some people favor different colors, others prefer a certain time of day, while others the work evolves into something different.

The  wallpapers can be located by date in case you want to see how Ryan Bliss progressed over the years.  For a added appeal of the whole website you can download zip files of just those wallpapers that will fit your desktop.  Be prepared though.  I downloaded the widescreen 1920 x 1080 HD and it was a walloping 172mbs. But after going though my new collection, I am not at all upset over the size of it.  It is that good!  Also if you are brave enough, and have time to spare, you can view his whole collection one at a time. Or you can view by -- His new collection, by year, top rated, mobile phone, iphone, pocket pc, widescreen, dual screen, triple screen, animated, and psp.  Oh! and be sure to check out the animated section there is one there called "Singularity" that you have to see! Digital Blasphemy also has a store where you can purchase calendars, posters, cups, and art work on tee shirts.

This website is a great find, and well worth a look at.  Be prepared to be mesmerized, your desktop will never be the same again.  Not even your cell phone for that fact.This website is well worth the membership fee.  Thanks Ryan for being a great asset to the Internet.

Area for you to do some reading and looking etc...

Ryan's earlier works.


1734x811  164kb

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It was the final unanswered question about Windows 7. But now, thanks to numerous reader reports, my own hands-on experience, and a briefing with the team at Microsoft responsible for this technology, I think we have some answers. Sadly, Microsoft is still making it difficult to clean install Windows 7 with Upgrade media, as it did with Windows Vista. But fear not, there is some good news. While you can't simply use Upgrade media to do a clean install of Windows 7 on a new or previously formatted PC, the workarounds this time are easier than ever. And that's what this article is all about: Revealing the secrets to clean-installing Windows 7 with Upgrade media.   - Paul


This is a overview of the Windows Operating Systems Security features.  Windows XP was not added to this because I wanted to concentrate on just the two newest Windows Operating Systems.  This is just a short review nothing elaborate.  Keep in mind I have access to a Vista computer, but no access to a Windows 7 computer.  My report comes from observations online, and from computer users themselves.    
Botnets are computers that are controlled by remote.  In late 1999 Sans Institute researchers noticed remote executable code on thousands of Windows computers. They also found that the code was encrypted, and they were not able at that time to find out exactly what the code was used for.  In February of 2000 the controlled computers launched a DDoS attack, many sites online like eBay were attacked and lost the internet connection, or had major slow downs off and on for a week trying to defend themselves because of the attack.  Amazon was also attacked that week along with other high profile business websites.    

I have seen many that use all kinds of social networks online.  What follows is just my point of views, and observations on this subject / topic.


 The following are Windows 7 reviews.  These reviews are just what has been observed

thus far in the Windows 7 Operating System.  It does not mean everything here will be included in the official release.   There is video, pictures, and plenty text.   Enjoy!


These are just a few tips for the members. :) Occasionally I do post just random tips.  They fit in no one type category.  Just browse through them, and pick out your favorites. 

 Everyone wants to know how to decide what software to get.  It is not a exact science.  Even a seasoned software pro can get burned, or end up with a software that does not work on their computer.  Thus I wrote up these tips a while back in order to help the newbies find the best software, and not get burned as often. 


While many of us are blessed with sight.  There are many others that are not so blessed.  As a child gets use to a sightless world.  They also will be getting use to the Internet as well. It is very important for you to start a child out slow, but steady getting around the internet.  There is software that does this.  These software are either geared towards Windows, or they are geared towards Mac, or Linux, or all three.  Don't let anyone tell you that you have no options.  A added note is if the individual regardless of age is now having to get use to a sightless world, please spend time with them also at the keyboard.  Some individuals tend to feel overwhelmed, and having a good support system helps them to become independent faster.  

Install and run Software on a External Drive

In order to save space if you have a small internal hard drive you may want to consider installing software on a external hard drive.  This does not always work, you will have to experiment.  The problems you may run into are that the software needs to be administrator in order to run. The software may have dll

problems, or it could lock up, or freeze.  Not all software needs a strict regiment of required rules when it is installed, and they run fine on the external drive.

The following APP was downloaded using Firefox, and installed on a Toshiba

external hard drive that was located on the F: drive.  Your location could be

named different.  Named by the manufacturer for the hard drive and

depending on if you have multiple drives.  Follow along as you learn with

this picture tutorial on how to install a software and run the software on

the External hard drive.  It is not as hard as you may think.


When you buy a computer it is no different than when you purchase a car, or any other big ticket item.  You always check the integrity of the car. How well the car does, gas mileage, style, seating, engine, etc.  You want the most bang for the buck you spend, and certain options are a must like power breaks and a/c. A computer is no different. With a computer you check the integrity of the parts, (hardware), software, and the Operating System, make sure you will be able to carry out the important aspects of the things that matter to you the most when you log on to your computer, etc. Plus make sure your computer is secure as possible.
You open a file, and you know you should be able to see it, the file is sitting on the taskbar, but when you click on it you can't see the file's window.  What do you do?  Well... You don't need to reinstall the Windows Operating System.  Do the following: Click the file in the taskbar.Press ALT + spacebar to summon the window's shortcut menu.Press M to choose the move command.Use the keyboards arrow keys to move the window.When you have it moved to the desired spot press the "enter" key on your keyboard.

Computer maintenance is done every month at least once a month more often if you use office software, graphics software, and add, edit, update, and remove software and files often. Scandisk can be done once a week if necessary. It helps to cut down on some error messages for some computer owners. keep a eye out on the amount of space left on your hard drive. letting it get below 25% of space left can cause problems. Others have said they are good till they get down to the 10% to 12% mark. Disk cleanup is no different than keeping a clean home. Use this as often as you want too. All of this maintenance will help your computer to have a longer life span. It will keep your computer from having to work overtime. A computer that is well maintained will last longer than one that is neglected.

If you accidentally click on a website and you are sure you don't want to go there, just press the "stop" button located under your "favorites" button.  It's red, and has a "X" on it.    There is a way to get out of launching a program in Windows too.  To stop a launch of a icon you have accidentally clicked on,  if you haven't let go of the mouse button yet then keep holding the mouse button down, and move the mouse off of the icon to a blank space and release.   This stops the action all together. Remember also, it is not the action of "clicking on" a software or file that launches the file or software. It is the "release of" the mouse click that launches the file or software.  
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