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Bug 174897 - powerdevil causes X server to hog cpu   checkbox "Let powerdevil manage screen powersaving" in the general tab. By unchecking it, Powerdevil will bypass dynamic DPMS changes, and you will not experience this kind of problem. Unfortunately there is no other solution, since the problem lies at a very lower level. After working with someone on this issue a user found out that he had two APPs doing system monitoring on his box. Simply shutting one of these down resloved his issue. He shut down the powerdevil CPU monitor widget since it was mentioned in the bug report.  He kept System Monitor. System Monitor is a widget that does the same monitoring as powerdevil.
Review of Stylebot

Occasionally you come across something that is just phenomenal. Plus also needed, because the world does not all think in the same way when it comes to making websites.  Plus it was the right thing to do.  Granted, it wont create mind blowing  accessibility for everyone on the Internet.  But it's a start in the right direction.  The name of this phenomenal is "stylebot".  It's creator is Ankit Ahuja.  Ankit Ahuja was mentored by Rachel Shearer in this years Google Summer of Code project for Chromium.  Ankit Ahuja created a new extension for Chrome that enables users to easily customize a websites appearance.  For many users this will benefit them when viewing websites that pages are less than perfect if you are sight impaired. For others you will still have to use jaws, or one of the many other text to speech software on the market because this tool is not perfect for everyone.   It's not perfect because it's creator forgot that stylebot may too be a issue to view, to be able to change out colors, and text sizes on pages. 

If you are sight impaired pages are a problem, but so are the many tools/apps you use.  On behalf of stylebot's creator, I am hoping this is just a oversight.  (No pun intended.) Not knowing what is involved in such a undertaking... perhaps he may consider down the road this needed new feature?  Being able to change the text color, background, and size of stylebot would be a great addition to this nice tool. The blue, and gray text looks nice, but does nothing for the tool if you are having problems seeing it.  Other than this one flaw, this tool is worthy of a look at, and a keeper for those that don't have this issue. 

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 This is a extensive list of tips to help you protect your computer against viruses.  No method is 100% secure, but this should really help you cut back on them, or even have large breaks in-between infections.  I follow these rules my self, but most call me a pro, but I consider myself as self taught, and somewhat wise.  I have not had a virus in nine years.  (knock on wood)



These are just a few tips for the members. :) Occasionally I do post just random tips.  They fit in no one type category.  Just browse through them, and pick out your favorites. 

 Everyone wants to know how to decide what software to get.  It is not a exact science.  Even a seasoned software pro can get burned, or end up with a software that does not work on their computer.  Thus I wrote up these tips a while back in order to help the newbies find the best software, and not get burned as often. 


While many of us are blessed with sight.  There are many others that are not so blessed.  As a child gets use to a sightless world.  They also will be getting use to the Internet as well. It is very important for you to start a child out slow, but steady getting around the internet.  There is software that does this.  These software are either geared towards Windows, or they are geared towards Mac, or Linux, or all three.  Don't let anyone tell you that you have no options.  A added note is if the individual regardless of age is now having to get use to a sightless world, please spend time with them also at the keyboard.  Some individuals tend to feel overwhelmed, and having a good support system helps them to become independent faster.  

Install and run Software on a External Drive

In order to save space if you have a small internal hard drive you may want to consider installing software on a external hard drive.  This does not always work, you will have to experiment.  The problems you may run into are that the software needs to be administrator in order to run. The software may have dll

problems, or it could lock up, or freeze.  Not all software needs a strict regiment of required rules when it is installed, and they run fine on the external drive.

The following APP was downloaded using Firefox, and installed on a Toshiba

external hard drive that was located on the F: drive.  Your location could be

named different.  Named by the manufacturer for the hard drive and

depending on if you have multiple drives.  Follow along as you learn with

this picture tutorial on how to install a software and run the software on

the External hard drive.  It is not as hard as you may think.


When you buy a computer it is no different than when you purchase a car, or any other big ticket item.  You always check the integrity of the car. How well the car does, gas mileage, style, seating, engine, etc.  You want the most bang for the buck you spend, and certain options are a must like power breaks and a/c. A computer is no different. With a computer you check the integrity of the parts, (hardware), software, and the Operating System, make sure you will be able to carry out the important aspects of the things that matter to you the most when you log on to your computer, etc. Plus make sure your computer is secure as possible.
Sometimes, and believe me, it's not easy to say this--your IE problems are entirely your fault. After you've made a lot of changes to IE's preferences or customized your home page, add a plugin or two, three, four, IE may start to misbehave. If you have no idea which caused the problem, because you also did not test while you made the changes. Back up to square one and start over. To restore IE's default settings, select Internet Options from the Tools menu, then click the Programs tab and the Reset Web Settings button. It is also a good idea to have that install cd/dvd nearby.
 These tips will make things go more smoothly when it comes to storing files, folders, and using online menus.   Much needed considering the space included in today's computers.  Plus the use of drop down menus online has increased as well.   

Children love the computer. They will log on and stay on the computer all the time, or take up another users time unless you limit their use of the computer this can cause many headaches for family's. As I have said in the past, place the computer in a high traffic area of your home. Never allow a child, or even a teenager to have a computer in their bedrooms. Or permit them to have access to a computer that is placed in a private area of your home. This is really asking for trouble. Predators are all over the internet, waiting for the opportunity to exploit your child(ren). Preditors are pros, and know what buttons to push.

 Years ago your password did not amount to much.  You could use your pet's name, child's, wife, or husband, and get away with it.  But today there are just too many password crackers out there waiting for you to be none creative.  They want you to be lazy so they can use a password cracker software to crack your password in less than two minutes.  With today's computers having 4gb of Ram, and more than one processor, you just are making their life more easier to get to your personal account.  You could be even opening a door up, so they have access to your wireless service.  You can't be lazy anymore.  You have to be creative, and make strong passwords. Thus I created this page to help you protect your personal accounts, files, wireless connections, etc.  Take this seriously, because you never know if someone is after your lifestyle, your livelihood, you could even wake up tomorrow, and find that your identity is gone.

Backing up your profile folder in Firefox is easy. Just follow these steps (which assumes you know how to manage files on your computer):

To protect users' private information, unprivileged scripts cannot invoke the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands in the Mozilla rich text editor, so the corresponding buttons on the submit article page will not work. To enable these functions for purposes of submitting a tutorial on this website, you must modify your browser preferences.

So your computer got infected and you are not too sure how it happened? This can happen to the best of us.  But here are the main reasons as to why.

My son-in-law bought a laptop, This is his first one. He wanted the flexibility to be able to work from any location in his home instead of being tied to a desk. So,  he had to learn about setting up a wireless network so he could use the laptop in the living room, out in the yard, or anywhere that he wanted.If you don't take security precautions others can tap into your home network quite easily. Here are the top eight tips for keeping your home network safe.

In the 1970's or somewhere in there the Creeper Virus was launched.  On a US military computer network which was the forerunner to our modern Internet. The virus was written for the Tenex operating system. The infected computers displayed a scroll across the screen that said:  I'M THE CREEPER : CATCH ME IF YOU CAN

If you are not sure where the noise is coming from... turn your computer off, take the back off, and then turn your computer back on.  Sorry I use to leave it on, and then just take the back off, but I found out that sometimes if you just turn it off, take the back off and then turn it on , the culprit causing the problem will sometimes shake, at startup. (mainly fans) making it easier to find the reason for the noise.  The shake can be subtle. The other reason is because some fans if warped will really shake bad at startup.  The other thing is the direction of the noise.  I do know some who are willing to stick their hand in and stop a fan long enough to see if the noise stops, then moving on to the next fan.  I don't recommend this if you don't know what you are doing.  Plus you take seconds to do this stunt instead of minutes, or else you burn something up. Another thing you should know  is the fact that you have the back off checking out the computer.  Do what you have to do, and then close the tower, or turn it off.  Don't admire for too long your computer has those fans placed in there in such a way for a reason.  When you run the computer without the back on, then you diminish what the fans were put there for too accomplish.  
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