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Find a gift for him or her that's in your budget range by searching for pages containing price numbers in that given range. Just type two numbers, separated by two periods, with no spaces, into the Google search box along with your other search terms. You can use this to set ranges for everything from prices, dates or any other term involving a number. Try searching:      toy $25..$50. The idea is to put your search term in but include the price range also, so you need not be bothered with over priced items.

For dates do the following...  somebooknamehere daterange:2008-01-13..2010-01-13   look very carefully.  The name of the book, and then a space, the rest has no spaces in it!

The last tip is for omitting certain words in your search.  If you put a search in for girls toys... You certainly don't want the word boys showing up in your search results.  So.  You put  Nameoftoy/toytype then you put a space and then -boys  the search will look like this  nameoftoy/ortoytype -boys  if you don't want any bikes in your search results then you put nameoftoy/ortoytype -boys -bikes


You can also put emphasis on certain words.  You want these or this word included in the search terms.  So you put  in the search box          dolls -boys -bikes +furniture

Have you ever gone to a forum, or a help board, and among the many post you see a topic or subject that screams help in Caps?  Then when you get to the post, and begin to read you just want to slap em?  Why you ask?  Well, because their post reads as follows....

           HELP! My puter is not working right.  My (insert software here) is not working.  I don't know what is wrong with it.   


Ok so you look at the post, and you ask yourself um.... What version?  What Operating System?  What software were you running when this happened?  What was you trying to do with the software?  Um... What exactly happened?  I mean sheesh, we can't help you much if you don't give us some stats here.  We don't need to know where you was born, but we sure need to know a little bit about how you have your computer configured.  We can't guess.  We are happy, and human just like you are.  (you are human right?)


So next time you run into a problem on your computer, type out a brief explanation of what happened (not a novel).  What Operating System you use.  What version of the software you was using.  (Can be found on the tool menu at top under "help" > "about". )


If you have no clue what you have running on your computer.  Then visit the link we have on our pages to your left look under Resources, and look for Belarc Advisor. It's free!

A good majority of people will do a search, and click on the first couple links of the search results.  Other's may go through two or three pages of search results. Many are unaware that search results are unbiased when it comes to secure content.  They only need to contain the "right" search terms. This doesn't mean that you should avoid search engines.  But you should pretty much have a idea if the URL you are fixing to click is from a reputable website, or from a website out to do you, or your computer harm.   
Botnets are computers that are controlled by remote.  In late 1999 Sans Institute researchers noticed remote executable code on thousands of Windows computers. They also found that the code was encrypted, and they were not able at that time to find out exactly what the code was used for.  In February of 2000 the controlled computers launched a DDoS attack, many sites online like eBay were attacked and lost the internet connection, or had major slow downs off and on for a week trying to defend themselves because of the attack.  Amazon was also attacked that week along with other high profile business websites.    

I have seen many that use all kinds of social networks online.  What follows is just my point of views, and observations on this subject / topic.


 The following are Windows 7 reviews.  These reviews are just what has been observed

thus far in the Windows 7 Operating System.  It does not mean everything here will be included in the official release.   There is video, pictures, and plenty text.   Enjoy!


These are just a few tips for the members. :) Occasionally I do post just random tips.  They fit in no one type category.  Just browse through them, and pick out your favorites. 

 Everyone wants to know how to decide what software to get.  It is not a exact science.  Even a seasoned software pro can get burned, or end up with a software that does not work on their computer.  Thus I wrote up these tips a while back in order to help the newbies find the best software, and not get burned as often. 


There will come a time that you will install a Windows Update, and the update wont play nice with your computer.  If it starts to act up on day one of the install, then this is the time to remove it.  Some updates just get worse as you restart, or boot your system.  So act as soon as you spot trouble. 
You open a file, and you know you should be able to see it, the file is sitting on the taskbar, but when you click on it you can't see the file's window.  What do you do?  Well... You don't need to reinstall the Windows Operating System.  Do the following: Click the file in the taskbar.Press ALT + spacebar to summon the window's shortcut menu.Press M to choose the move command.Use the keyboards arrow keys to move the window.When you have it moved to the desired spot press the "enter" key on your keyboard.

For those not knowing .  Here is a eye view of one in action. Be sure to visit the link also.  They have quite a bit of good information on this topic. 

 Here is the video on youtube  or visit the link below. 

A live Twitter phishing attack from Sophos Labs on Vimeo.

If you accidentally click on a website and you are sure you don't want to go there, just press the "stop" button located under your "favorites" button.  It's red, and has a "X" on it.    There is a way to get out of launching a program in Windows too.  To stop a launch of a icon you have accidentally clicked on,  if you haven't let go of the mouse button yet then keep holding the mouse button down, and move the mouse off of the icon to a blank space and release.   This stops the action all together. Remember also, it is not the action of "clicking on" a software or file that launches the file or software. It is the "release of" the mouse click that launches the file or software.  
Sometimes, and believe me, it's not easy to say this--your IE problems are entirely your fault. After you've made a lot of changes to IE's preferences or customized your home page, add a plugin or two, three, four, IE may start to misbehave. If you have no idea which caused the problem, because you also did not test while you made the changes. Back up to square one and start over. To restore IE's default settings, select Internet Options from the Tools menu, then click the Programs tab and the Reset Web Settings button. It is also a good idea to have that install cd/dvd nearby.
 These tips will make things go more smoothly when it comes to storing files, folders, and using online menus.   Much needed considering the space included in today's computers.  Plus the use of drop down menus online has increased as well.   
It is very easy to max out your computer.  Just a few years ago hard drive space was not cheap, flash drives were just getting popular, but still expensive, and external drives were expensive.  Today, we are even getting way cheaper printers, and ink cartridges.  You can buy flash drives that are continuously being updated to hold more data, plus are more secure.   

If you can't see Windows for some reason (for example, the monitor died oryour display settings are incorrect), you should know how to close Windowssafely without having a desktop to guide you: