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What is the Command Prompt? The Command Prompt is a native Windows program that lets you execute commands without using a GUI. (Graphical User Interface) You can accomplish pretty much every task you can do using Windows and the mouse from within the Command Prompt. Consider it "Windows without the windows."

Using Safe Mode is not complicated, but it can be scary the first time you have to use it.  So check it out before you have to use safe mode, and then you will know what to expect if the time should ever arise for you to have to use it.

SafeMode Definition:Safe mode is an alternate boot method for Windows operating systems that makes it easier to diagnose problems. The only startup programs loaded are the operating system and drivers for the mouse, keyboard, and display modes display. It is often possible to get a system to start in safe mode when it won't start normally. This definition is from the link is always on our website located on our new page under the menu item "Resources"

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