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Some people would turn their back on a online membership for wallpapers, or any type website asking for a membership fee.  I know I have many times.  A lot of those times it was on websites that I frequent often.  One such website I visit is called "Digital Blasphemy" owned and operated by Ryan Bliss. This website has been online since 1998, and member supported sense 1999. The owner Ryan Bliss is a self-taught computer artist.

I decided to take the plunge and do a trial version of his website.  The trial setup was easy, I had no headaches from the experience. I give him kudos points for having a $15.00 membership for 90 days.   In today's economy there is nothing that will stop you short of trying something out like a website that wants you to pay 50 bucks for thirty to sixty days for a  trial membership.  My only gripe about Ryan's website is his trialpay affiliation.   This is where you get 90 days free at Digital Blasphemy by signing up for (not so free offers to other companies)  In case you  are wondering you are better off paying the 15 bucks for the trial at Digital Blasphemy instead of going for those offers at   

Now on to  Digital Blasphemy's perks, and that all wanting to know question of... "Just what is Digital Blasphemy?" Digital Blasphemy is a 3d wallpaper site, and not just your average wallpaper either.  Digital Blasphemy has wallpapers for everything including your mobile phone, iphone, pocket pc, and psp. They have widescreen, dual screen, triple screen. They also have split screen for those with the dual monitors who want to carry the same eye candy from one monitor to the next.   They have just about any type resolution you could think of. On the website is 20 free wallpapers available for download by none members, and over 650 available for members and always growing.

The major feel of the wallpapers are "night scenery" "planet scapes" "interiors" "day scenery" and "abstracts"   But they do have  "holidays", and a area called the "pickle-jar", plus they have a small collection of  animations.  The wallpapers are just breath taking.  Some have a sci-fi feel to them also. In case you are wondering what the pickle-jar is... The Pickle Jar contains variations on the images featured in the gallery. The image Ryan is happiest with goes in the gallery and the extras go into the Pickle Jar. How's that for cool?  I did lots of snooping around Ryans website and found myself in the pickle-jar looking at images that were night versions, or day versions, different color themes, or Evolutionary Variations. Some people favor different colors, others prefer a certain time of day, while others the work evolves into something different.

The  wallpapers can be located by date in case you want to see how Ryan Bliss progressed over the years.  For a added appeal of the whole website you can download zip files of just those wallpapers that will fit your desktop.  Be prepared though.  I downloaded the widescreen 1920 x 1080 HD and it was a walloping 172mbs. But after going though my new collection, I am not at all upset over the size of it.  It is that good!  Also if you are brave enough, and have time to spare, you can view his whole collection one at a time. Or you can view by -- His new collection, by year, top rated, mobile phone, iphone, pocket pc, widescreen, dual screen, triple screen, animated, and psp.  Oh! and be sure to check out the animated section there is one there called "Singularity" that you have to see! Digital Blasphemy also has a store where you can purchase calendars, posters, cups, and art work on tee shirts.

This website is a great find, and well worth a look at.  Be prepared to be mesmerized, your desktop will never be the same again.  Not even your cell phone for that fact.This website is well worth the membership fee.  Thanks Ryan for being a great asset to the Internet.

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Ryan's earlier works.


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