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Thursday, 30 July 2009 00:16
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 Everyone wants to know how to decide what software to get.  It is not a exact science. 
Even a seasoned software pro can get burned, or end up with a software that does not
work on their computer.  Thus I wrote up these tips a while back in order to help the
newbies find the best software, and not get burned as often. 


1. Get as much information as you can on the software you want to download
and use. Everyone thinks just because the software is offered online the
software is therefore legit. It's NOT! If you are considering software ask
around, or see if its listed on or on
tucows. If there is anything you need to be aware of
the answer will be in the public offering somewhere on the internet. Do a
search online on the software and see what others are saying. Read reviews
to see if they mention a piggy back software. [piggy back software are
software that's bundled with the originating software you are after.] If
only one review is listed see if you can find a alternate software. Your
most popular software always have many reviews.

2. If the software is being offered at a third party website, see if you can
find the software from the originating provider. Do this for software that
you are not sure if the new version is being offered or not. Your better
off with the newer version than the older version when it comes to security
of the software and fixes.

3. if a offer of software comes in a email, don't go to the website, and
don't purchase the software. Never click on these links, or even open these
type emails. This is how you get burned! ONLY if you asked for the
information do you ever follow through to their website.

4. Doesn't matter if the software is legit scan the software for viruses
before you install. A virus can make its way onto a legit download, just
as easy as it could to your email inbox. scan! Viruses have even been in
new software at your neighborhood stores!

5. Get into the habit of reading those windows that popup. Many have been
burned because of the simple fact they don't watch the windows, and read the
content on them. They could be asking you if they can enhance your
experience by adding ads, or download extra software, a tool bar for your
browser,you wouldn't know it because you was too fast and click happy.

6. If the software is associated with many different file types then please
do see what file types that the software wants to handle. Many have been
burned with this also. They install a software to handle a certain file
types just to have the software decide to take over all like file types such
as your media files, music, or your picture files, etc.

7. never keep using a software thinking there is nothing better on the
market, and you have to accept the pitfalls of that one software. For every
software there is a market. There are too many on this one market for you
to have to accept the first one you happen to come across. Shop for your
software just as you would if it was a home purchase. You have a right to
be picky.

8. Get into the habit of reading help files that are included with your
software. Many of your answers to your questions are in the help section.
This help button will be at top right under the title bar the last button
always in your software.

9. Keep up with what version of software you are using, and check at least
once every few months for a update to your software. Software is always
updating and upgrading. Most of your software vendors will offer you
unlimited on the updates, and one upgrade that is either free or a lower

10. Version number 2.1.3 What does this mean?
The first the 2 is the major upgrades. This means that this number hardly
changes unless their are major changes done to the software itself.

So this software has had 2 major upgrades.

The second number is the 1 which is maybe a minor update. This could be a
feature added, but not something that affects the whole software in how it
runs, or how you operate it.

This software has had 1 minor update.

The last number is a 3 which is bug fixes. These are fixes that fix a
problem that developed while running the software.

This software has had 3 bug fixes.

How important are these numbers? Well it depends on the programmer. It also
depends on what they call relevant. Some may call security fixes very
important. So they will bump the 2 up to a 3, instead of listing it under
bug fixes.

The major thing to understand is when you look at these numbers if there has
been a change then one of these numbers will change in the version that you
have from the newer version offered at the download site. So become familiar
with the numbers they will help you when your trying to decide if you need
to update your software. All three numbers could change or just one of them.
Incidentally some programmers only have two numbers listed in their version.
The fist number in these are always major updates or upgrades. Everything
else is listed under the second number.

11. Recommended verses minimum requirements on software. Does it matter?

To run a program or software effectively make sure you have the recommended
requirements instead of the minimum requirements. Minimum requirements may
limit some of your features of the software. It can also cause slow downs.
This is especially true if your looking at getting a new operating system,
or a game. This is also where a good majority of people mess up when they
look for software.

12. Should I use a beta software?
Beta is a software that is currently in production. betas can be unstable
and a pain to remove. They are also known to cause major problems with
computers. If you are a newbie don't touch a beta unless you are experienced
enough to know how to get out of a problem with a beta on your own. Betas
will sometimes have forums, but not much support comes with them because
most beta testers know their computer stuff, and know what to do when issues
arise. Some betas can cause your computer to mess up so bad to where you
have to reinstall Windows. Be sure you are comfortable with this before you
install any type beta. Other betas can cause you to loose your connection
to the internet. Which means you would be completly on your own when it
comes to fixing your computer. Unless you dish out money to a computer

13. Don't download or install a software that has a piggy back software
offered with it. You will always be burned. It 99% of the time means
adware, spyware.

14. If the software is security related make sure to always use the newer
versions instead of the older versions. Older security software will have
security bugs and the newer versions will have the fixes.

15. The biggest tip I can give you here is to start reading those EULAs.
Around five people decided to read theirs and became richer as in cash, or
prizes. Some of the software manufactures have deliberately buried prizes
in their EULAs to get the public to read them, and the lucky reader that
finds that special text wins.

Of course other members on this list may have tips for you also. If you
have a tip please do post a comment. :)

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