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Wednesday, 22 April 2009 23:50
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There are many reasons.
Even though we can't say that one browser over another is 100% secure.  We can say that a few are more secure than others that you may use.  Take for instance the Internet Explorer Browser.  Many of the so called experts have said that Internet Explorer is one of the most in-secure browsers there is on the market.  ActiveX is touted as the major concern.  Even if you are careful using this browser your security still can be breeched because of ActiveX.  Case in point you visit a website that auto loads a run dialog, your first response would to to click on the "cancel" button.  But unbeknown to the user is the fact that regardless of what button you click on, (cancel, ok, or X) the person that created that run dialog fixed all the buttons so that they run the software on your box.  So it does not matter what button you click on, you still run the the bad ware.  I can't say if the new Internet Explorer has dealt with this major issue or not. What I can say is today the Windows Operating system comes a dime a dozen.  Windows 95 believe it or not is still in use today.  Windows all the way up to XP has had this ActiveX flaw if you want to call it that.  Some of the security experts have called the flaw a feature that needs to go.
Secondly all of your browsers at one time or another have had flaws that could cause major problems.  Of course you have to realize that all software can be breached if someone wants too breech it regardless of the safeguards put in place by the programmer.  Many taunt the fact that if a person writing the bad ware want the security breech to work bad enough they will find a way to do so.   Case in point is the many flaws found to be in the wild that the Operating System has, or ALL browsers have.  Plus add to the mix the many users that fail to update their security fixes on their boxes.  It's a open invitation for any person to exploit it.  Unfortunately it is not hard to do, just scan the net for instances of certain boxes that meet the criteria of the exploit.    The Windows Operating System has this uncanny way of generating a response to the scans.  It's almost like a "hey look at me! I am right here!  hit me baby!"
Now lets look at websites in general
Some of your "page not found"  are not for real, you could be using the wrong browser for the webpage you are visiting.  If I wanted too...(but I don't)  I could make the newbies-pc.com website inaccessible to Firefox users, or Internet Explorer users, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc.  It's not that hard just add a simple script in a file and none of these browsers, or one of the browsers would not be able to view content on my website.  They would just get a "page not found"  Or they could get a error message, or even the "your not using a certain browser message"  Or I could write up code for the website into the css, or html that makes my website look like crap for the "other" browsers.  Pretty simple to do this method, just find out what each of the browsers lack support in when it comes to css, php, etc.  Then code your website to have those features in the code.
I am sure many of you have seen the words " Best viewed in _____"  on a website.  Or even "This website supports _____ browser".   Now I am not saying this is always done deliberately.  In some cases it is not a deliberate act to show favoritism over a browser.  Sometimes it can't be helped.  Certain browsers lack the needed support for certain type scripts, and the maker of the browser has not added it as of yet.  These type websites may need to use the script in order to have certain functions.   Which is or could be out of the control of the webmaster.
Now lets look at the browsers in general
Sometimes it can't be helped your browser wont work.  It crashes, does all kinds of crap that makes the browser not function as it should.   This can be caused from a bad browser update, a new version, lack of a update, and from a security patch, etc.  What ever the reason you have no browser.  You either have been told you can't use the browser until a fix is generated, or a fix has rendered your browser unusable.  The latter can even affect you Operating System as a whole.
Thus enters a backup.  I have five browsers.  You don't need that many.  But if you have the space on your computer then go for it.  I have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Firefly, and Opera.  Firefly is strictly for the kids.  I don't want them to stray anywhere.  Firefly keeps them from straying off on their own.  This browser is for the preteen children.
blocking certain browsers I found  webpages that list the different methods for doing this:
  Block Internet Explorer
This method is not just directed a Internet Explorer you can block any browser if you wanted too.  The reasons are mixed, and yes it is true some people do despise Internet Explorer, but we have many that despise the Open Source market as well.  So the reasons to block a certain browser could be as diverse as the Internet users themselves.
Different Methods used to block browsers

Comparison Chart for Browser Exploits


Online Threats - Browser exploits (myWOT)



Finally a test to see if your browser has a known exploit that is not fixed

 (Downloads are not in any type of order. List of downloads is random.)


Internet Explorer
Firefly (no Vista support!)






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