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Saturday, 09 August 2008 16:46
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Here are some interesting facts about



  • Members: 331
  • Category: Technical Support
  • Founded: Jun 20, 2001
  • Language: English
On our Yahoo group there has been almost 25000 posts to date.  We have beginners, but we also have intermediate, and advanced users of every type of computer configuration there is out there.  We even have MAC users, and webtv users.
We are, and always have been the most versatile computer support group on the Internet.  We set the standards to accept anyone using any type of configuration.  We do not descriminate.  We do not care if you love AOL, or enjoy your webtv.  We also dont care if you use a state of the art  computer, or one that is ten years old.  We also don't care if you use text to speech software.  What we do care about is that you are getting good help.  No one is flamming you, no one is cussing at you.  We value your questions regardless of how small you think your question is.  Everyone had to start somewhere.  No one was born with a silver mouse in hand. 
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